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Global Treat, Inc. was founded and began distributing Chlorine Gas and Sulfonation Equipment in 1994. Since then we have extended our line to include: chlorine and dechlorination tablets and feeders, gas detectors, chlorine analyzers, fiberglass shelters, chemical induction pumps and packaged wastewater plants.
Products available via our 'Online Store' are shown in the listing at the left of this page. By clicking on the product name, you will be directed to the product page where you will have the option of ordering. Or, if you would prefer, you may search for an item by typing the product name or part number in the appropriate space at the top of the page.


In addition to the products listed on our "online store", we also represent and manufacture a number of water and wastewater treatment products that can be purchased through our regional distributors and dealers, or directly through Global Treat Inc.
For additional information on all of the products we offer, please call 800-370-4410 or visit our website by clicking


  **Special Internet Prices are only available through our Online Store**

Brass Body Retractable Corp Stop All Wetted Parts PVC (Schedule 80) 1/2" Schedule 80 Solution Injection Tube Simple, low-cost color disc method is the most accurate visual test kit method

•Simple, low-cost color disc method is the most accurate visual test kit method
•Achieve fast results with an easy-to-carry test kit

RANGE:  0 - 0.7 ppm
The Tab-Le-kit is a simple, user-friendly gravity flow-through chlorine tablet feeder disinfection system.

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