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Acid Dilution Trough

For Diluting Acids in Cooling Towers

Over time, acid feed systems will likely cause long term damaging effects to cooling tower basins and equipment if chemicals are not mixed properly. Global Treat, Inc. offers a solution to protect your investment. The gravity flow Chemical Dilution Trough is designed to dilute chemicals before they enter the cooling tower water basin.

Because chemicals are nearly twice as heavy as water, the acid tends to sink to the bottom of the tower basin in cooling towers. Eventually, these aggressive chemicals will attack the concrete, which damages the basin floor and causes the structural support within the basin to begin to erode. This problem can be eliminated by diluting the chemicals with water before they are introduced into the basin.

The Chemical dilution trough mixes re-circulated and make up water to dilute the chemicals. The chemical / water solution then travels across a series of PVC or PCVC baffles before entering the cooling tower basin. Once in the cooling tower, the diluted solution rapidly disperses within the tower basin water.

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